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Rentabiliweb Master affiliation

Create your own affiliate program!

Create partnerships with other websites and make profits thanks to these new collaborations!
You choose the commission amount you wish to pay your partners.

In order to sign up for your program, affiliates need to register on Rentabiliweb: we handle the technical aspects of your affiliate program (registration, sending of automatic e-mails, statistics/earnings) and payment to your affiliates.

  • You decide the percentage or exact amount you wish to pay to your affiliates
  • Upload your visuals so your affiliates can include them on their site.
  • Your program is ready.

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What is affiliation?

Affiliation involves building a partnership between a merchant website (the sponsor) and another Internet site (the affiliate site).

The sponsor chooses their partners according to his trafic (Number of visitors and number of visited pages)  ; and/or the relevance of its content (the source of the online information).

The partnership works as follows: the affiliate promotes the referrer program, using several means to bring traffic to the site.

Internet users are redirected to the sponsor's paid content. Then, the affiliate gets paid for each transaction.

Enrich your Internet site with various types of new contents, check out our Rentabiliweb affiliation programs directory.

Starting from the very first call, you will receive a commission for every transaction made.

Rentabiliweb pays you automatically as soon as your earnings reach 20 euros (VAT not included).