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The Rentabiliweb Micropayment

Provide for-fee access to your services and content !

  • Install one of our forms on your site
    Micropayment form demo
  • We provide you with a script to protect your page.
  • Your page or service is now available on a for-fee basis !
Several options are available :
  • Multipayment : several access codes required to users.
  • Affiliation system : Create your basic or multilevel affiliation program and pay affiliates who
    send customers to you.
  • Detailed statistics for each country, number and service !
  • Codes report, free codes, statistics and real time earnings, assisted graphic interface.
You get paid for every access code entered. To see your earnings : click here !


Why choose our solution?

  • A comprehensive micropayment system Phone Billing / Premium SMS / Mobile & ISP billing / Bank card / Neosurf
  • Very high payout on all price points.
  • Create your affiliate program with one or more levels.
  • Rentabiliweb is renowned for the robustness and reliability of its systems.


The Rentabiliweb micropayment form

Rentabiliweb offers you the latest generation form. Our form is completely customizable and really easy to use for your customers to purchase your content.

  • Different settings available (geo-positioning, language and country by default, payment means...).
  • 100% compatible with all Web browsers (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari and others).
  • Whenever you change a number, a rate or other settings on your documents, the form is automatically updated.
  • Parameters display based on users previous selections (language, country, payment system...).
  • Only one click required to display user's country and preferred payment means.
  • A secure payment environment for your customers.
  • Technical support directly integrated with a ticket system for quick answers to your clients.