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The Rentabiliweb Virtual Currency


Rentabiliweb offers you its new virtual currency (credits) management system. This micropayment system, that you can fully configure, suits the online game market tendencies.

Our virtual currency script allows your players to get credits either by using one of the Rentabiliweb's payment type, or by susbscribing to the offers of our sponsors thanks to our partners' Offerwalls.


Our script is entirely dedicated to your needs

  • Configuration of the name of your currency and of its icon
  • Definition of the conversion levels (examples : 3€ = 10 credits, 5€ = 20 credits, etc.)

Your customers credit their account in a few clicks only

  • Optimization of the levels according to their preferences
  • Automatic geolocation
  • No code to enter if they purchase by Internet+


You also enjoy a detailed statistics module and a real time earning display on all your Virtual Currency applications.