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Offerpass : sponsored payment platform


Introducing Offerpass

Offerpass was the first sponsored payment platform in France for websites and applications.

The sponsored payment is an alternative and innovative solution. It allows your customers to let their virtual currency purchase be sponsored by an Advertiser.

These free credits for the customer are nonetheless 100% paid by Rentabiliweb !


Offerpass benefits

For your turnover

  • You significantly increase your earnings
  • You give a new service to your members

The sponsorship quality

  • The Offerpass flow is regularly feeded with new offers
  • The campaigns are targeted according to your content

Simplicity and quickness

  • For you : Offerpass is suitable for all websites and applications
  • For your customers : one single action to perform, quick and easy, the free credits are then sent on the web site


For more information, please click here !


Warning : the OfferPass solution should not be used on those sites offering Instant Wins nor on adult sites. Please contact our sales department to check if your site is eligible.