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In real time and detailed statistics

The statistic module: a Flash and Ajax technology based on web 2.0

Oriented Web 2.0 technology, the Rentabiliweb AJAX/FLASH statistic module allows you to know your client's profile purchase habits, in order to develop and maximize your turnover.

New ! All your statistics can be downloaded in 4 file types : image, text, excel and xml.


Here are some features :

  • General statistics:
    This graph allows you to display your personal earnings and those of your affiliates.
  • Detailed statistics:
    It allows you to view all the codes entered and recorded gains.
  • Using filters:
    The Rentabiliweb statistic console has infinite possibilities! Thanks to integrated filters you can display your statistics by choosing several criteria (by country, by means of payment, by site ...).
  • Chart:
    This chart sums up all the key figures as record of codes entered, earnings record, statistics of the day...


To summarize, our statistics module stands out from its competitors by its precision, speed display, and especially by the wealth of its information. It allows you to follow the evolution and distribution of your turnover accurately